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It’s crow-eating time. I’ve mentioned before that it’s important to me to use units of measurement (feet, inches) that derive from a mindset appropriate to the characters, instead of units (metre, centimetre) that derive from an anachronistic mindset; basically, the imperial system over the metric system. The problem is that I’ve grown up with the metric, and while I have a decent sense of what a foot and an inch look like, other imperial units don’t really register with me in more than a general sense.

Which is to say that I didn’t catch some faulty math in Chapter 12, when I had Ulixa state that the cave holding Innsdene was about an acre in size. It’s actually several times that, according to my map. So I’ve changed the description to match. My apologies to anybody who’d begun building up an acre-sized map of the cave in their heads. It is, in fact, a fair bit bigger.

(Oh, sure, I could wiggle out of it by saying that the acre Ulixa had in mind was a bigger acre than the standard size — the Cheshire acre, for example, is just over 10,000 square yards, while the standard acre’s just under 5000. But why be that confusing?)

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