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Edits, and Other Thoughts

August 25th, 2011

I’ve got a couple points I want to mention, and then I have some thoughts on my plans for the story in the near future. Firstly, I want to note that I’ve gone back and edited a few sections in yesterday’s post; specifically, the bits from Robert’s point-of-view. I’ve basically avoided editing chapters once posted, but for the first time I had a thought about what to do with a perspective about two hours after the chapter went up. In this case, I judged it better to make the changes. I don’t plan to make a habit of this sort of thing.

Secondly, with all the characters adding themselves to the story, I’ve begun work on a dramatis personae page. I’m trying to work out the best way to format the thing; a way which would let new readers consult it without spoiling themselves, basically. If you have any ideas, let me know. Look for it soon, in any event.

Thirdly: just to note that I can restrain myself when absolutely necessary, I include this fragment of Elous/Theda dialogue that occurred to me, but which I couldn’t bring myself to write:

“I was born here,” said Theda, “but I know what it is. It’s nothing exciting. It’s a hamlet, nothing more.”

Elous had not heard the word before. “An omelet?” she asked. Now Theda was confused. “Omelet,” she said. “A meal, made with whatever foodstuffs you can set your hands on. Usually eggs, and nothing exciting.”

Theda laughed. “Nothing exciting!” she cried. “Oh, that is this place. That’s what Innsdene is, Elous: The village of Omelet!”

Probably just as well left on the cutting-room floor, along with the villagers’ reminscences about their problems with that ruined moathouse.

Now, on a serious note: I want to say that I’ve been on the whole very happy with my work on the story so far. I think it’s progressing nicely, and becoming something I couldn’t have predicted before I started on it.

The end of the First Codex is in sight. That should be coming up in about eight more chapters (maybe more, maybe less, but about that), and then I’m planning three epilogue chapters to wrap up book one. I suspect I’ll take a week or so off from posting at that point, as I prepare the Second Codex — and the collection of the First Codex.

I’m still firming up plans for the collection, but I’m hoping to get an ebook together by the end of September. The serial will still keep going, with all the chapters freely available here. The collection’s just intended for ease of reading, and as a way that people so inclined can help financially support Fell Gard. I’m hoping that in the long run I can make a viable income off the story; it’s far from a sure thing, but I see reports around the web of writers living off their web-published work, so why not give it a try? Obviously, more info on this as events warrant.

I just want to thank all of you reading for your support so far, and to say that I’m planning to keep going with this as far as I can. I feel more energised the more I work on Fell Gard, and I’m hoping everything aligns so that the story can continue to grow, and find its way on to places that I cannot yet imagine!

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