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April 14th, 2014

It’s been a couple of months, so time I checked in here. Last time out I mentioned that I had a bit more energy. That’s continued, though I’m still not where I want to be. Better, though. You never realise how sick you are until you start to get healthy, and in retrospect this was something of a tough winter — if not as bad as last winter. Honestly, it’s been a pretty rough two or three years (relatively speaking, at least). Anyway. It is a strange thing to me how differences in my energy levels are linked to differences in how I use language, and especially written language. That is, how easy or how difficult it is to string together words in a meaningful way, with the shades of meaning that I want. We’ll see how that plays out over spring and summer, and whether I can continue to get healthier and cobble together language in an increasingly coherent fashion.

At any rate, this past weekend was pretty neat, as I got to go to different book sales three days straight — culminating with a science fiction book sale. A list of purchases follows.

Friday (Centre Greene book sale)

What Life Was Like: Amid Splendor and Intrigue (Byzantine Empire AD 330-1453) [Editors of Time-Life Books]

Bell, Bowyer J. / Assassin!: The Theory and Practice of Political Violence

Clarke, Helen, and Björn Ambrosiani / Towns in the Viking Age

Clements, Jonathan / A Brief History of the Vikings

Duby, Georges (trans. by Cynthia Postan) / The Chivalrous Society

Ellis, Peter Berresford / A Brief History of the Celts

Ellis, Peter Berresford / A Brief History of the Druids

Jones, Wilbur Devereux Jones / Venus and Sothis: How the Ancient Near East Was Rediscovered

Labarge, Margaret Wade / Women in Medieval Life

Lenman, Bruce / The Jacobite Risings in Britain 1689-1746

Lorenz, Albert, with Joy Schleh / Metropolis: Ten Cities — Ten Centuries

McEvedy, Colin / The Penguin Atlas of Medieval History

Somerset, Anne / Unnatural Murder: Poison at the Court of James I

Tierney, Brian / The Crisis of Church & State 1050-1300

Weightman, Gavin / The Industrial Revolutionaries: The Making of the Modern World, 1776-1914


Saturday (Friends of the Westmount Library Book Sale)

Bellairs, John / The Spell of the Sorcerer’s Skull

Burgess, Anthony / The End of the World News

Carter, Angela / Nights at the Circus

Chesterton, G.K. / St. Thomas Aquinas

Christiansen, Rupert / Romantic Affinities

Danielewski, Mark Z. / Only Revolutions

Dillon, Myles & Nora Chadwick / The Celtic Realms

Heal, Ambrose / London Tradesmen’s Cards of the XVIII Century: An Account of Their Origin and Use

Hearn, Lian / Heaven’s Net is Wide: The First Tale of the Otori

Hodge, Harry and James H. Hodge (selected by John Mortimer) / Famous Trials

Holman, Sheri / Witches on the Road Tonight

Knight, Michael Muhammad / Osama Van Halen

Knox, Elizabeth / Dreamhunter

Lowes, John Livingston / Geoffrey Chaucer

McBrien, Richard P. / Lives of the Popes: The Pontiffs From St. Peter to John Paul II

McGarry, Terry / Illumination

McKillip, Patricia A. / The Tower at Stony Wood

Pernoud, Régine (trans. by Henry Noel) / Blanche of Castile

Sackville-West, Vita / The Easter Party

Shelley, Mary / Maurice, or The Fisher’s Cot

Strugatsky, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky (trans. by Olena Bormashenko) / Roadside Picnic

Trease, Geoffrey / The Condottieri: Soldiers of Fortune

(Plus an assortment of comics from the late 70s, mostly Adventure comics with Steve Ditko’s work on “Starman,” plus a couple of DC Comics Presents issues that I hoped would have work by Jim Starlin — one did — and a couple J.M. DeMatteis issues of Defenders.)


Sunday (MonSFFA SF book sale)

Asprin, Robert Lynn (editor) / Sanctuary [Thieves’ World books 1-3]

Asprin, Robert Lynn and Lynn Abbey (editors) / Cross-Currents [Thieves’ World books 4-6]

Asprin, Robert Lynn and Lynn Abbey (editors) / Soul of the City [Thieves’ World book 8

Asprin, Robert Lynn and Lynn Abbey (editors) / The Price of Victory [Thieves’ World books 10-12]

Ballard, J.G. / The Best Science Fiction of J.G. Ballard

Ballard, J.G. / Billenium

Ballard, J.G. / The Drowned World

Ballard, J.G. / The Drought

Ballard, J.G. / Empire of the Sun

Ballard, J.G. / The Impossible Man

Ballard, J.G. / Passport to Eternity

Ballard, J.G. / The Terminal Beach

Ballard, J.G. / The Voices of Time

Ballard, J.G. / The Wind From Nowhere

Bauer, Steven / Satyrday

Bester, Alfred / The Deceivers

Blaylock, James P. / The Elfin Ship

Brackett, Leigh (edited and introduced by Edmond Hamilton) / The Best of Leigh Brackett

Čapek, Karel / War With the Newts

Chant, Joy / The Grey Mane of Morning

Davidson, Avram / The Enemy of My Enemy

Davidson, Avram / Rork!

de Chancie, John / Castle War!

de Larrabeiti, Michael / The Borribles

de Larrabeiti, Michael / The Borribles Go For Broke

Delany, Samuel R. / Distant Stars

Delany, Samuel R. / Equinox

Delany, Samuel R. / Flight From Nèverÿon

Delany, Samuel R. / Nova

Dick, Philip K. (edited and introduced by John Brunner) / The Best of Philip K. Dick

Dick, Philip K. / The Golden Man

Dick, Philip K. / The 3 Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch

Dick, Philip K. / The Unteleported Man

Dick, Philip K. / The Variable Man and Other Stories

Ellison, Harlan (editor) / Medea: Harlan’s World

Ford, John M. / The Princes of the Air

Gentle, Mary / Rats and Gargoyles

Haggard, H. Rider / Wisdom’s Daughter

Howard, Robert E. / Heroes of Bear Creek

Howard, Robert E. / The Iron Man

Lafferty, R.A. / Space Chantey and Hill, Ernest / Pity About Earth (Ace Double)

Lee, Tanith / Dark Castle, White Horse

Lem, Stanislaw (trans. by Michael Kandel) / The Star Diaries

Lewis, C.S. / The Abolition of Man

Lindholm, Megan / Cloven Hooves (Uncorrected proof)

Martin, George R.R. / Tuf Voyaging

Mason, Lisa / Summer of Love

Merritt, A. / The Face in the Abyss

Moorcock, Michael / The Cornelius Chronicles

Moorcock, Michael / The Golden Barge

Moore, C.L. / Doomsday Morning

Morgan, Richard K. / Altered Carbon

Morris, William / The Water of the Wondrous Isles

Park, Paul / The White Tyger

Park, Paul / The Hidden World

Preiss, Byron (editor) / Weird Heroes: Vol. 1

Preiss, Byron (editor) / Weird Heroes: Vol. 2

Preiss, Byron (editor) / Weird Heroes Vol. 3: Quest of the Gypsy

Preiss, Byron (editor) / Weird Heroes Vol. 4: Nightshade

Preiss, Byron (editor) / Weird Heroes Vol. 5: Doc Phoenix

Preiss, Byron (editor) / Weird Heroes Vol. 6

Preiss, Byron (editor) / Weird Heroes Vol. 7: Eye of the Vulture

Preiss, Byron (editor) / Weird Heroes Vol. 8

Quinn, Seabury (edited by Robert Weinburg) / The Hellfire Files of Jules de Grandin

Quinn, Seabury (edited by Robert Weinburg) / The Skeleton Closet of Jules de Grandin

Shepard, Lucius / The Jaguar Hunter

Tyler, J.E.A. / The New Tolkien Companion

Vance, Jack / Galactic Effectuator

Vance, Jack / Planet of Adventure [books 1-4]

Wagner, Karl Edward / Bloodstone

Wagner, Karl Edward / Dark Crusade

Wagner, Karl Edward / Darkness Weaves

Wagner, Karl Edward / Death Angel’s Shadow

Wagner, Karl Edward /Night Winds

Zelazny, Roger / Isle of the Dead

Zelazny, Roger / My Name is Legion

Zelazny, Roger and Fred Saberhagen / Coils


All told, by my count that’s 15 books from the first sale (plus a C.J. Cherryh omnibus I bought for Grace and 8 books for my two nieces), 22 books at the second, and a whopping 77 at the third, for a total of 114 books. Which even for me does seem like a lot. And yet … there’s no denying it, I’m wildly happy with the weekend’s finds.

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