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Scott Lynch Speaks Some Truth

December 12th, 2012

A 2005 Livejournal post by Scott Lynch has gotten a fair bit of play over the past few days. It’s a nice piece in which he demolishes a critic who wrote in to complain about the existence of a middle-aged female pirate in one of Lynch’s books (oddly, the reader claims female pirates are unrealistic which, well, they’re not). I particularly want to mention it because of this bit:

Shit yes, Zamira Drakasha, leaping across the gap between burning ships with twin sabers in hand to kick in some fucking heads and sail off into the sunset with her toddlers in her arms and a hold full of plundered goods, is a wish-fulfillment fantasy fromĀ hell. I offer her up on a silver platter with a fucking bow on top; I hope she amuses and delights. In my fictional world, opportunities for butt-kicking do not cease merely because one isn’t a beautiful teenager or a muscle-wrapped font of testosterone. In my fictional universe, the main characters are a fat ugly guy and a skinny forgettable guy, with a supporting cast that includes “SBF, 41, nonsmoker, 2 children, buccaneer of no fixed abode, seeks unescorted merchant for light boarding, heavy plunder.”

I love that unapologetic attitude to wish-fulfillment, and the inclusiveness of the attitude.

One Response to “Scott Lynch Speaks Some Truth”

  1. Perfidius the Rogue

    I’m not sure what bastion of derp the critic was writing from, but I bet their knuckle-dragging team has won the gold for several straight years! Yeesh!

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