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December 7th, 2011

The medication’s having a good effect, and ongoing edits are ongoing. A few changes of note:

— In 3.6, Richard used to ask if Ygerna was from one of the Kelation kingdoms; now he asks if she’s from the Auberkish. The answer’s the same. Basically, I’ve changed my mind slightly about how people would think of ethnic groupings. So, yeah, Auberkish.

— In 3.7, I added a couple of lines. Enheduanna giving examples of what kind of pranks the urchins play: “They set bee-stings on you, or lurk invisible, or conspire with skunks, or sprinkle you with rain when you most wish to be dry.”

— And Tilde on scarecrows: “Some [move and fight]. Those in Fell Gard especially, as our crows are not so easily scared.” I mention this because I originally wrote “… not so easily cowed.” And then I thought, wait, can crows be turned into cows? It’s not quite a mixed metaphor, but I decided to discard it anyway. Nevertheless, I am still haunted by imaginings of great black cows with crowlike wings …

— I noticed that the first time Ulixa thought about her people, she referred to them as “the kindred.” Then after that it was “the people.” I’ve decided I prefer “kindred,” as it seems to harmonise nicely with Ulric’s reference to “the Morien peoples,” plural. So I’ve made that change in a few places, like 3.8.

— Gave Hugh of the Annulets Sable the honorific “Sir” more often. — Moved sections around in 3.12, and expanded Sybil’s consciousness-raising session with Yllaria.

— Added some details on what kind of a meal Hugh gave Gryselde and the gang: “Gryselde had to admit that Sir Hugh had displayed a fair largesse in the meal he had provided them. Fine white wastel bread; capons stuffed with eggs, parsley, hyssop, rosemary, sage, currants, and even, she suspected, a touch of saffron; cheese tarts. Buttered beer to drink. Given how few sheep had been brought into Fell Gard with the village she could not grudge Hugh the lack of meat beyond the poultry.” Yum. Research consisted of looking at Margaret Wade Labarge’s A Baronial Household, and finding suitable-seeming recipes at this site, notably here and here.

Lots of smaller edits all through the First Codice, but those are the big ones for the moment.

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