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Daily chapter posting continues today and for the next three days , but I’d like to take a moment to direct your attention to the new buttons on the sidebar to the left. You’ll note a button that’ll take you to the new Facebook page for The Fell Gard Codices, and also a button that’ll sign you up for my twitter feed. So far I’ve just been tweeting links to new chapters as I put them up, but I’ll also be sending out notification of other blog posts, my posts on the Black Gate site, articles I have elsewhere, and perhaps some thoughts on fantasy fiction and the like.

The question I’ve been asking for the past couple of days: how do you think John W. Campbell would react if you travelled back to the early 40s and told him that the brave new world of the early twenty-first century would be dominated by a technological jargon not of “atomic power” or “slide rules,” but “friend” and “like” and “tweet”?

“He would weep bitter tears of pure libertarianism” is the best answer I’ve heard so far.

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