The Fell Gard Codices

Notes on an Editing Chronology

September 13th, 2011

I want to apologise for any confusion over the timing of edits for the last chapter. I don’t like editing a chapter once it’s posted, but in this case it was necessary. For a number of reasons, the draft of the chapter I published late Monday was unsatisfying to me; essentially, a minor medical problem had reared its head, cutting into the time I had to work on the chapter (I’m fine now). So, to bring the chapter up to snuff, I worked through the night editing it, posting a revision about 9 AM Tuesday. I then slept, having been awake for about 24 hours. I woke up a little while ago, and gave my revision a good proofreading — which I’m afraid was more necessary than I’d realised. At any rate, at 7 PM Tuesday, I’ve ended up with a draft that I think reflects about what I want.

My apologies again for the confusion, and I devoutly hope this doesn’t happen again.

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