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A Quick Edit

May 14th, 2013

Just a note to observe I made a minor error in the last chapter, referring to Scholastica as being present in the Chamber of Oak and Holly. She isn’t. So I’ve deleted that reference. You think you’ve got all the rust off, and then you realise no, it’s still a process.

It often happens when I write a chapter — and this was an example — that I have what looks like a pretty solid structure, but as I write it out I become aware that something isn’t working. If the problem’s obvious, then I fix it. If not? I tend to find the best thing […]

Well, New to Me

May 11th, 2013

A little note here about sf in the media: last weekend I saw the first episode of Lost in Space. I’d never seen a minute of the show before, I don’t think. It was interesting, in that my expectations had been well and truly lowered years ago — when I was growing up, it seemed […]

Just a note to say that I had a piece up last weekend at Black Gate, looking at Jonathan Lethem’s Amnesia Moon. I quite honestly enjoyed the book more than I thought I would; it was very much like an excellent minor work by Philip K. Dick.

So I managed to get another chapter up last night, which makes two in a week. I’m hoping to continue to be able to continue with one chapter a week; it feels good. That is, above and beyond feeling good to be able to write fiction again, and feeling good because I’m moving the story […]

  Skulls with eye-sockets filled only by weird shadows, by presence and absence: six of them atop six clattering sets of backbones. Six skeletons held together by nothing. No nerve, flesh, brain. Bone touching bone, bones tapping on bone, grinding against bone, turning and swaying. Diccon watched the six skeletons dance their way down the […]

I’ve added a new chapter to the site. Effectively new; I fell sick when I was in the middle of Part 4, Chapter 17, so uploaded what I had and hoped to redraft it later when I was feeling better. That took rather a while. It’s been over a year and I half since I […]

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