The Fell Gard Codices

  It had been days since Achard had seen the sun. And then there it was, under the earth. For a moment he was stunned, staring upward into the warm gold brightness. Then the bells rang. A clatter of brass, heavy and frantic. Achard snapped his head around. He saw all the others, as surprised […]

Just a note to say that at the last minute I decided to do some revisions on 4.9 that’ll take me well into the night.  I’m hoping to have it up in a couple of hours. UPDATE: Now complete. Read and enjoy!

  Enheduanna staggered forward, choking on the thick mist. Not mist, she thought. Thicker. A miasma. It dizzied her. She knew she had to get away, get out, or else collapse. She kept upright, kept moving, unsure which way she was going. She could no longer feel north inside her. She did not know her […]

  “Wait,” said Diccon. Gryselde held up a hand for a halt. The youth stepped forward, pushing the lanthorn beside him. No, thought Gryselde. Not a youth. Do not duck away from it. He is a man. He stares at me as a man does. And does he think I do not notice? Or perhaps he […]

  “Through the door,” said Geoffrey, but Alkahest would have none of that. “That door is in the eastern wall,” she said. “We need to go north a little, and west.” They had come only ten yards or so from the cave that held the mortal village. Hob-goblin bodies were scattered here and there, with […]

Upcoming Plans

October 4th, 2011

It’s been a while since I checked in with news and thoughts for the future, so I thought I’d do that now. To begin with, I want to really thank everyone who’s donated. Seriously, your contributions do mean so much more than just the dollar amount. Along the same lines, I want to thank those […]

  Diccon stood behind Gryselde as the inn-girls brought the table out front of the building, and watched as the sorine got up on the table before him. He took a deep breathe, staring at her arse. Half of him wanted to go find a book and sit in the forest and read, laughing. The […]

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