The Fell Gard Codices

  Paradox was of course among the crowd in the tavern-room when Mew pounded on the door, and so watched Nicodemus — who smelt of brimstone, Paradox realised, or something that was every bit as noxious — get up to speak, and saw the other inn-guest put Nicodemus to sleep; and when Ulixa led them […]

  Gamelyn, stepping back from the arch, watching elves shoot goblins, doesn’t pay much attention to the singing when he first hears it. By the time he realises it’s coming from somewhere to the north, William’s joined in. Voices rise together and fall. Fingers nimble on gut strings. Gamelyn’s lost, dizzied, as when the gargoyle […]

Part 3, Chapter 17: Worduse

September 5th, 2011

  It was a disgraceful wordwar, thought Amanos, but at the end of the argument Sir Hugh agreed to allow their wounded into the hollyoak godshouse, along with his own. “If an attack indeed comes,” he had said, according to Surere. In her own skullsdark Amanos agreed with his doubt. Better prepare for the war […]

  There were, Gryselde knew, certain things that had to happen and certain things she had to do; within those bounds, there was much freedom, and indeed much confusion, but less of both as time went on. Sir Hugh accepted, however partially, the need for preparations, and ordered his trumpeter to go through Innsdene, rousing […]

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