The Fell Gard Codices

  Olujimi sat cross-legged on his bed, contemplating the divination board and the words he’d had for Yejide. Ulixa. He wished he’d had something better to tell her. But truth was truth. He lifted his right hand to his neckalce. It felt cold; uncomfortably so. He heard someone else enter the long room. He looked […]

  The Ring was long since done, and Anselm was sweeping out the church, as was his responsibility, when he saw the newcomers moving toward the inn. He’d watched earlier from the church door as the winged lady Aura, in her film-like silks, had fluttered one way and another through the cave’s endless night: like […]

  Sir Hugh of the Annulets Sable stood at the oriel window of his manor hall, hands clasped behind his back. It had been his habit to stand so, and look over the lands that he held in charge. Now he saw only the shadowed rock of the cave wall. He turned away, back to […]

  Kate thought that the canons of Secga were funny, the way they shouted at each other and called each other names and challenged each other to go back to their library without any of them ever actually going. She stopped watching them, though, when the preceptor began to speak. Kate couldn’t explain how she […]

  These things are true. He has dreamed them. In his dreams alone may he escape this place, this ruin of his own making. Only ever for a moment; and always as a sign that he must wake again and face a duel. His eyes open; where has he awoken? This time it is a […]

Part 3, Epilogue 2: Steps Taken

September 19th, 2011

  His eyes open: Lailoken breathes. Again enfleshed. Blood, bone, tongue; air and words. His stone at his back. He stands. The river crashes, cascades, in flood. Snowmelt running. It is yet spring, Woldmonath or thereabouts. Dusk or dawn — no, dawn, there is the sun in the east, hiding behind clouds like a three-months’-embryo […]

  So it fell out that they came, all twelve of them, to the Temple of Ynas-Und, that lies upon the tenth court of Fell Gard the Master Dungeon, hoping to learn some knowledge that would aid them in the bitter war that had come upon them all; and there, among the secret books of […]

Part 3, Chapter 21: Over an Abyss

September 14th, 2011

  Gral glared at the mortal woman. “I did what I felt to be right,” he told her. They were standing on the shore by the lake, a confused crowd around them. “You attacked me,” said Ulixa. The prophet, Ulric, laid a hand on her shoulder; she drew a breath, and straightened. “I could have […]

Notes on an Editing Chronology

September 13th, 2011

I want to apologise for any confusion over the timing of edits for the last chapter. I don’t like editing a chapter once it’s posted, but in this case it was necessary. For a number of reasons, the draft of the chapter I published late Monday was unsatisfying to me; essentially, a minor medical problem […]

  As the good and evil spirits began to battle on the shore before the dragon Reprisal, the darklings advanced toward Gral over bare rock where the pale fires of Nil had left flickering patches of flame. Beyond them, to the south, past the ring of fire still surrounding Nil, Gral saw that the mortals, […]

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