The Fell Gard Codices

  After they’d killed the tadigemen they went north and, as they’d guessed, soon found themselves in a familiar passage, which led eastward to the round room with the silver gargoyle and west to the room with a balcony; Gral remembered running through that room to find the dwimmerlaik and hob-goblins. They went west from […]

  They argued with the scarred messenger and demanded answers, but he gave them nothing more. Kate was impatient, and bored. Once she asked if they could torture the man until he told them what she wanted to know. The messenger smiled, and said that he himself had not been given the secret of curing […]

  While they waited for the man selfnamed a devil’s prophet to return from the High Crypt, Amanos lit a torch and explored eastward. The hallway ran along ten yards or more, then turned northward and ended after another ten yards. The torchlight faintflickered on the far wall, making a gloomy countryside of black hills […]

  It was a strange sight, Gryselde thought, and yet it had a delicate, almost allegorical beauty: the caladrius standing on the chest of the alicorn cat, shining. The cat began to stir, and as the cat awoke so did Hochelaga. Whereupon the bird fluttered over to Aura, and shone down on the sylph. No-one […]

  Geoffrey saw Agneta leave the chamber of Oak and Holly, and went after her, northward. He didn’t try to catch up with her. Truth be told, he wanted to see where she’d go. She stopped in the room beyond, at the far corner where a hall led off to the west. She turned back, […]

  Atrahasis watched with some dread as the cervidwens left. The forest lords were grand creatures; but they had their own obsessions. And their own powers. Then again, perhaps they were no concern of his, not any more. He could no longer even speak their language. He heard the song begin, then, the song he could […]

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