The Fell Gard Codices

  “Of course you have my permission to remain in Innsdene, for the time being,” said Sir Hugh. “We don’t have beds for all of you, but as you believe it safe, you will no doubt find places to sleep in the forest — beds of moss and pine needles, perhaps, but beds of a […]

  Eight of them had set out from the Forest Chambers, and then later they’d added the six lay canons of Secga. Keeping fourteen people together had been difficult, especially in running from the goblins. But having reached the library, William found they would have to continue on, with Hochelaga, Diccon, Atrahasis, Gryselde, and the […]

It’s crow-eating time. I’ve mentioned before that it’s important to me to use units of measurement (feet, inches) that derive from a mindset appropriate to the characters, instead of units (metre, centimetre) that derive from an anachronistic mindset; basically, the imperial system over the metric system. The problem is that I’ve grown up with the […]

  Ygerna knew she was by nature choleric, which was to say wrathful. Evil angered her. But when it did she would think: how can I be sure what is evil? And then she would be angry at her own uncertainty, and also at her own hasty judgement. She wanted to be good, but what […]

Edits, and Other Thoughts

August 25th, 2011

I’ve got a couple points I want to mention, and then I have some thoughts on my plans for the story in the near future. Firstly, I want to note that I’ve gone back and edited a few sections in yesterday’s post; specifically, the bits from Robert’s point-of-view. I’ve basically avoided editing chapters once posted, […]

  As they’d walked, Ulixa had tried to get Otto to tell them about his people, and where they lived. She hadn’t had much luck. The boy’d been terrified, exhausted, and, as a result, always breaking down in tears. He’d seemed frightened of her, too, or of her colour. It was her own bloody-mindedness, she […]

  Ulric led them to the library, and then beyond; “for,” as Hochelaga observed, “the explorers won’t necessarily return again through the library. The smaller garden, though, is almost certainly on their path back to the forest chambers.” Therefore they went to the garden, he and she and Diccon and Atrahasis; but when they arrived, […]

  Gamelyn followed Ulixa through the darkness. Now and again the slumbering caladrius in her hands shone a lance of light ahead. “What happened, Gamelyn?” she asked softly. “Why did you come back for me? Where are the others?” “They’re up ahead, in the room with the doors west and north,” he told her. “Your […]

  Gryselde could only stare. She heard, as if from a great distance, Kate say: “I am the Princess Katherine of Aurelium, and this is the Sorine Gryselde.” “Sorine, you say,” murmured the dragon in response. “Princess, you say. Ha, ho, hum. Much matter to consider, in that. Much matter indeed.”

  Ulixa was at work on the trapped door to the library when Euarchy flew to her with news of what was approaching on the stairs. When the gawry said the name, Ulixa thought she had fallen into one of the stories her father had told her when she was little, about the times long […]

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