The Fell Gard Codices

  William arranged them all in a circle. Standing so, backs against the trees, there was just enough room for everyone to fit into the clearing at the heart of the forest chamber. He took his own place, near the high oak, and looked around at all the ring assembled, all the many folk and […]

  Richard was looking through the pile of old swords they’d found in the room they called the armoury, dreaming of finding some lost relic, when he heard the shriek. He tilted his head, listening. It hadn’t been the gargoyle’s alarm. A mortal’s voice; one of the slaves, he thought. Let it be. No concern […]

This chapter is in some ways the most personal bit of work that I’ve done on Fell Gard. In some ways perhaps the most personal thing I’ve ever written, come to that.

  Hochelaga rose to stand, trembling, above the fallen wizard. The rats were running at them fast, shadows against the grass. They weren’t what scared her. Nor was it the skeletal frightjack in its coat of grey shadows. Or the night-black crow, or even the great spiders, their bodies three feet across and their legs […]

Originally this chapter and the next were going to be one chapter, all told from Gral’s point of view. But as I wrote it I found I had too much material for just one post, so I split it up. I’m quite glad I did, as it allowed me to focus more on what I […]

This was a tricky one to write, but not necessarily for obvious reasons. I started out writing The Fell Gard Codices with a rough idea of who the first six characters were, and obviously their backgrounds have taken shape the more I’ve thought about them. At this point I’d say Gryselde’s got the most detailed […]

  For the first time in what seemed like a very long while, Hochelaga felt happy. The fruit had been wonderful, and people were laughing. They had someplace they could think of as a home, now, not just empty stone rooms where they slept on their cloaks. Light, too, which felt like Monelic’s light on […]

Most writers — most people — have what you might call weak points in their understanding; not necessarily things they don’t know about, but things for which they have no feeling. Subjects which leave them cold. Among my own no doubt numerous flaws is a near-complete disinterest in food and fashion. This is largely a […]

  Their leader, thought Diccon, had been damnably attractive. Which of its own was not enough to decide him, but it had to be said. Gryselde; he remembered her name, oh yes. He remembered her simple black robe. Her hair was cut short, he’d seen that in the fight: bewitching. He could not help but […]

  Once the flying woman had woken, they returned together to the others — the glumm and gawry being eager to join them, once matters had been explained — and asked Yune about his clock. “Is there water at this place you’ve found for us?” he asked. “Yes? Then it would be a fine site […]

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