The Fell Gard Codices

Daily chapter posting continues today and for the next three days , but I’d like to take a moment to direct your attention to the new buttons on the sidebar to the left. You’ll note a button that’ll take you to the new Facebook page for The Fell Gard Codices, and also a button that’ll […]

  “Up!” cried Ulric. Hochelaga was sprawled on the floor, where William had pushed her out of the way of the stone. Ulric grabbed the girl and hauled her to her feet. “Now run!” he shouted, pulling her back down the hall. The black bats were whirling around just above their heads, their squeals echoing. […]

  The two passages running from the room with the stairway angled to meet each other, and where they joined a third passage led away — to the northwest, if the elf was right. Like the first passages, the new one was wide enough for two or perhaps three tall men to stand side-by-side. It […]

  Fortune and fate, cursed the dwarf to himself, cowering by the pillar of the high arch, watching the dead men walking upon the stone steps before him, down and down into the torch-lit chamber. Dark and deep, he swore again. His hand reached up to clutch at the square amulet around his throat. He […]

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