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Part 3, Epilogue 2: Steps Taken

September 19th, 2011

  His eyes open: Lailoken breathes. Again enfleshed. Blood, bone, tongue; air and words. His stone at his back. He stands. The river crashes, cascades, in flood. Snowmelt running. It is yet spring, Woldmonath or thereabouts. Dusk or dawn — no, dawn, there is the sun in the east, hiding behind clouds like a three-months’-embryo […]

  So it fell out that they came, all twelve of them, to the Temple of Ynas-Und, that lies upon the tenth court of Fell Gard the Master Dungeon, hoping to learn some knowledge that would aid them in the bitter war that had come upon them all; and there, among the secret books of […]

Part 3, Chapter 21: Over an Abyss

September 14th, 2011

  Gral glared at the mortal woman. “I did what I felt to be right,” he told her. They were standing on the shore by the lake, a confused crowd around them. “You attacked me,” said Ulixa. The prophet, Ulric, laid a hand on her shoulder; she drew a breath, and straightened. “I could have […]

  As the good and evil spirits began to battle on the shore before the dragon Reprisal, the darklings advanced toward Gral over bare rock where the pale fires of Nil had left flickering patches of flame. Beyond them, to the south, past the ring of fire still surrounding Nil, Gral saw that the mortals, […]

  Paradox was of course among the crowd in the tavern-room when Mew pounded on the door, and so watched Nicodemus — who smelt of brimstone, Paradox realised, or something that was every bit as noxious — get up to speak, and saw the other inn-guest put Nicodemus to sleep; and when Ulixa led them […]

  Gamelyn, stepping back from the arch, watching elves shoot goblins, doesn’t pay much attention to the singing when he first hears it. By the time he realises it’s coming from somewhere to the north, William’s joined in. Voices rise together and fall. Fingers nimble on gut strings. Gamelyn’s lost, dizzied, as when the gargoyle […]

  There were, Gryselde knew, certain things that had to happen and certain things she had to do; within those bounds, there was much freedom, and indeed much confusion, but less of both as time went on. Sir Hugh accepted, however partially, the need for preparations, and ordered his trumpeter to go through Innsdene, rousing […]

  “Of course you have my permission to remain in Innsdene, for the time being,” said Sir Hugh. “We don’t have beds for all of you, but as you believe it safe, you will no doubt find places to sleep in the forest — beds of moss and pine needles, perhaps, but beds of a […]

  Eight of them had set out from the Forest Chambers, and then later they’d added the six lay canons of Secga. Keeping fourteen people together had been difficult, especially in running from the goblins. But having reached the library, William found they would have to continue on, with Hochelaga, Diccon, Atrahasis, Gryselde, and the […]

  Ygerna knew she was by nature choleric, which was to say wrathful. Evil angered her. But when it did she would think: how can I be sure what is evil? And then she would be angry at her own uncertainty, and also at her own hasty judgement. She wanted to be good, but what […]

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