The Fell Gard Codices

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The First Codex


Part One


Chapter One: In a Dark Place

Chapter Two: The Bidding of Death

Chapter Three: The Weakness of Gods

Chapter Four: Only What’s True

Chapter Five: What is Eternal, and What Persists

Chapter Six: But Not For Love


Part Two


Chapter One: Opening Doors

Chapter Two: Right Behaviour

Chapter Three: A Conversational Interlude

Chapter Four: Fruits of the Garden

Chapter Five: Knights and War

Chapter Six: The Limits of Vision

Chapter Seven: The Heart of Fell Gard

Chapter Eight: Knowledge, and Truth, and Power

Chapter Nine: Naming Names

Chapter Ten: The Curse of the Elf-Folk

Chapter Eleven: Fighting Fables

Chapter Twelve: Fire and Water, Earth and Air

Chapter Thirteen: Differing Perspectives

Chapter Fourteen: Red Bindings and Red Books

Chapter Fifteen: A Little Girl Lost

Chapter Sixteen: Shaping Dreams

Chapter Seventeen: Sadness and Smiles

Chapter Eighteen: The Acceptance Within Time of Initiation Into Mystery

Chapter Nineteen: Life and Death and All the Things Between

Chapter Twenty: Relaxing Among Uncertainties

Chapter Twenty-One: Fear, Death, and What Comes After


Part Three


Prologue: A Dream of Magic

Chapter One: Chanting a Ring

Chapter Two: Learning New Tricks

Chapter Three: Mystery, Vision, and the Infinite in All Things

Chapter Four: Unlooked-for Messages and Acts of Faith

Chapter Five: An Interlude Considering the Nature of Fear

Chapter Six: The Doubt Involved in Doing Right

Chapter Seven: The Aftermath of Initiation

Chapter Eight: Among Villains, Traps, and Illusions

Chapter Nine: A Dialogue Concerning the Fallibility of Sight

Chapter Ten: The Mask You Cannot See

Chapter Eleven: The Revelations of the Holy William of the Name Blake

Chapter Twelve: Many Unexpected Discoveries

Chapter Thirteen: Power in Flames and Shadows

Chapter Fourteen: The Ballad of Lady Quenill

Chapter Fifteen: Some Dreamers’ Tales

Chapter Sixteen: Strategy and Tactics

Chapter Seventeen: Worduse

Chapter Eighteen: A Few Minutes in the Fog of War

Chapter Nineteen: The Oath of Reprisal

Chapter Twenty: The Wish of Nil

Chapter Twenty-One: Over an Abyss

Epilogue 1: Beyond the Courts We Know

Epilogue 2: Steps Taken

Epilogue 3: The Stones of Fell Gard



The Second Codex


Part Four


Chapter One: Neither Singing Nor Telling of Tales

Chapter Two: The Trunk of the Oak

Chapter Three: Entering Into Dialogue

Chapter Four: Various Philosophical Conversations

Chapter Five: Sighs and Departures

Chapter Six: Ghosts, Wounds, and a Curious Device

Chapter Seven: The Act of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes

Chapter Eight: Five Reveries, Prompted By A Mist

Chapter Nine: Turmoil, and the Absence Thereof

Chapter Ten: Lessons in Truth; its Obscuring, and its Discerning

Chapter Eleven: Trials of Strength and Wisdom

Chapter Twelve: Night; or Silence; or Naught

Chapter Thirteen: Encounters With Skeletons

Chapter Fourteen: The Accommodations We Make With the Dead

Chapter Fifteen: Hero’s Meditations

Chapter Sixteen: Hierarchies of Fear

Chapter Seventeen: Tragedy’s End; or, The Ignorance of Meaning

Chapter Eighteen: Beyond the Mind

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